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Bdo nodewar guide



This guide is to help new player buff up for nodewars.

Foodbuffs, players who has good time to buff up, should always use “NORMAL FOOD ROTAION” Players who has limited time should use Cron meal.

Special valencia meal – King of jungle hamburg – Margoria meal – Knight Combat rations


Nullyfying all resistance 4%
Resistance agenst all debuffs 4%
All evasion +10
Dammage from monsters -6%
Ignore all restiance 3 %
Critical hit damage 5%
All ap +5
Extra damage agenst humans +5
All damage reduction +5
Movement speed +2
Max hp + 100
Crit hit +2

Some change margorian meal with special Mamasylvia meal to get
200 stamina
Back attack damage

Ap +8
All accuracy + 16
Movement speed +2
Crit +2
All evasion +15
Max hp +150
All resistance + 4%
Ignore all resistance 4%

More food combinations:


Villabuffs is mandatory, the buff you get from Villa body Enhancment is equal from going tri to tet gear weapons.


House buffs.

Go on markedplace and find a decoration that suits your class, like if you got an evasion build I would recommend using “Ancient state Ornament” this gives you an insane amount of evasion for 60 min


Just place a preorder and place the decoration in your house.
Activate this as one of the last things before the nodewar starts.


NPC buffs.
There a several nps buffs, the best ones are:

Carolines kindness – 10% Critt buff
Alustin in velia – 100 hp

To get these buffs, you need a small amount of amnity with the specific npc. I recommend just pressing F5 to wave
All Npc buff last 30 min

Draughts vs Elixirs.

In capped nodewars, use draughts in non caped nodewars, I recommend making a party with specific players to do 12-15 elixirs,

Dammage reducers.

To get these elixirs, you go to Alustin in velia and do 500 aminty and then you can buy 10, this takes some times to get em all, but you can choose just to get the recomended ones,

Melee Ap / magic Ap / ranged ap enhancer depending on your class
Accuracy enhancer
Ranged damage reduser
Magic damage reducer

Bring 10-20 of each for 1 nodewar.

Church buff.
This buff is insane, and should be mandatory “last 120 min”
Bring lots of 1g gold bars and go to the church in velia. Talk to Ottavio Ferre.

This is an rng buff, and u might have to reroll the buff several times.

It’s possible to get the following:
8 AP
8 DP
8 Accuracy
8 Dammage Reduction
100 hp


By Magicdudee a proud member of Dare guild.

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